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Website Additions and Client status.

Today's update covers Donator Status, firstly we have a donation page working, if interested click your username after you log in, and one of the drop-down choices will be donate.

The plans for donator are as follows

  1.  A database of people who donate including the amount will be kept server side, however no other information is saved, meaning the database will hold the user who donated, the amount donated, and the time donated, no credit card or payment information is saved at any time, and of course it is strictly voluntary.
  2. For those who donate, the plan is special access to cosmetic items, which may or may not be added for general use at a later date, however once the homes are complete, donators will have access to homes that will not be added for general use.
  3. I am writing a Donator page, this page will list payments made to 3rd parties for client/server work as well as game assets, this way you, as a donator can be kept up to date about the status of the client, and the project as a whole.

In addition, Donators will be the list that we pick users from for alpha testing, as stated before we will have 20 slots available for alpha test, and that will be all until bugs are squashed and we upgrade the limit.

UO Herald - Lore

Upcoming Early Access !

We are ramping up for early access !

Early access client is still being worked on, we hope to have a preview very soon, once this begins we will have 20 slots available for testing.

This web site is still very much under construction, the update today has added two-factor authentication, if you are interested in testing this feature, it allows for a more secure account login to the site, click your user name in the top navigation bar, then in the drop-down menu select Manage, once there click Add next to phone number, on the next screen enter your phone number, then select the carrier you use from the drop-down box to the right, click submit and cross your fingers, if you selected the right carrier (the selections may need some fine tuning), you will receive a text message with your code, enter it and then once back on the manage page click Enable next to Two Factor Authentication, and you are done.

Next time you log off then log back on you will need to verify another code.

If you have registered an account here and have not received a confirmation code in your email, you will receive one on your next log out / log back in.

In addition, if you have Two Factor Auth set up for your account, and you have verified your email, you can then choose to receive your login code via email or sms.

More updates on the way..